It is proven that over 70% of Internet users enter web sites through search engines and that 98% of people do it using only the 6 most important, such as Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Terra, AltaVista and AOL.

If your site is not positioned and optimized for your search keywords, probably when a potential client to do an internet search regarding your service, it will reach the page of your competition.Maybe your competitors have an inferior product to you, but if they are well positioned his website, then they will receive the interest of potential customers.


How to get the first resultsSearch engine optimization is the use of various techniques to locate web pages and in the right places most frequented by Internet users.

The web page optimization is the process of adapting these pages for search engines to understand and appreciate the most, in order that placed among the top results for certain search phrases.

If done right, is the most economically effective way to promote our business online and ideas.A carefully positioned page has the potential to return more than our investment in the Internet, reach more customers and strengthen our brands.It is the lethal weapon in the promotion of websites, and those who do not use it can be invisible.

What you will find in these pages

This website provides a course in the fundamentals of positioning on the Internet. No means exhaustive, as this would be the analysis of many specialized applications and some advanced programming techniques are only really necessary for companies in competitive sectors.

However, many companies that offer to our pages in search engines do not provide the complete solution and sometimes may even adversely affect our ranking in search engines.

There’s more: the selection of keywords, programming errors and page architecture to avoid, strategies to increase the “popularity” of our pages, content structure …

The good news is that, unlike the Anglophone world, there are still many opportunities to leave Spain in the top search engine ranking results. In these pages are the essential techniques of search engine optimization, optimization and web promotion tips.


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